17 Apr 2019

The Role of Analytics in the Rounding Process

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M. Lynn ODonnell - Vice President of Strategic Marketing

Gathering the data is just part of the rounding process.  There are several other important steps such as content creation and reporting.  The focus of this blog is on the Role of Analytics in the Rounding Process.  It is important to remember though, that reports are only as good as the data collected.  But accurate and timely data leads to accurate, informative, and actionable reports.

When selecting a rounding solution, a decision maker should take a close look at the reporting/intelligence available within the application.  Many solutions include just a few standard or basic reports.

A truly robust solution will offer a full Intelligence Platform which includes standard reports, dashboards, as well as the ability to create reports or custom analytics specific to your organization.  Standard Reports are great for organizations to use to get a baseline and basic understanding of performance and compliance.  Moving to Dashboard reporting allows for easy data viewing, real-time compliance and performance results, and allows managers to make better, more informed decisions.  And, with custom reporting or custom analytics an organization can develop a set of specific reports designed to the needs and workflows of that organization.

So why are analytics so important to rounding?

Robust analytics will help adapt rounding efforts and create action around deficient areas that will yield the greatest impact.  Giving you the power to know where and when to...

- Train Staff 

- Adapt Policies & Procedures 

- Streamline Processes 

- Recognize Positive Behavior 

- Create a Safer Environment 

Powerful analytics captured during Rounding can help you create action, which will lead to:

- Improve HCAHPS scores 

- Better regulatory compliance 

- An enhanced environment of care 

- Improved communication among team members, hospital leaders, and families.

Is your Rounding analytics platform robust enough?

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