20 Dec 2018

5 Benefits of a Comprehensive Rounding Solution

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In today's healthcare environment, it's a given that individual departments in a hospital or healthcare network understand the value of rounding and are likely completing rounds and performing[…]

10 Sep 2018

4 Methods to Standardize Your Rounding Process

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Rounding provides hospitals and healthcare networks with instant access to meaningful trends in reports for their team and on their patients.  It's important though, to make sure that the trends[…]

05 Apr 2018

Benefits of Patient Engagement

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The landscape of healthcare is constantly evolving, especially the landscapes of the patient, the physicians, nurses, and caregivers.  At the same time, the industry is evolving with regulatory[…]

22 Feb 2018

Positively Impact Safety with Rounding

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While weekly safety rounds demonstrate an organization’s commitment to safety, leadership walk rounds are an opportunity to further reinforce that promise by bringing managers and leaders out of[…]

12 Oct 2017

The Importance of Rounds in Discharge Planning

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Using rounds for Discharge Planning helps hospitals and healthcare networks avoid that last minute scrambling that often occurs when trying to coordinate patient care.  To ensure the most successful[…]

27 Sep 2017

Tips for a Successful & Productive Rounding Team

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The success of a rounding initiative is impacted by so many factors but one critical element is your team.  Without effective team members, adoption doesn't occur, rounds don't get complete, and[…]

30 Aug 2017

5 Reasons Why It's Important to Standardize the Rounding Process

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It has been proven that rounding is critical to the success of a healthcare organization.  From patient satisfaction to life safety, rounds are an integral part of hospital operations, yet many[…]

17 Aug 2017

The Importance of Rounds to a Regulatory Audit

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Preparing for a regulatory audit presents a number of different challenges.  From increasingly complex legislation and regulations to manual processes, it can be overwhelming to even the most[…]

31 Jul 2017

Are Your Process Improvement Tools Telling You the Entire Picture

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Process Improvement is defined as the continuous and proactive effort of identifying, analyzing, and improving existing processes to meet new goals or standards of quality that drive positive[…]