29 Apr 2019

Avoiding the Top 5 Pitfalls of Rounding

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Christopher Dube, President

Implementing digital rounding at a healthcare facility comes with a number of obstacles and challenges.  So many in fact, that success can seem unobtainable.  When it comes to implementing a digital rounding process there are 5 key pitfalls that, if avoided, can help drive success. 

  1. Gain Buy-In:  Team members perceive new projects as additional work, unnecessary, and often they are unreceptive to change.  The best way to overcome this issue is to find a few individuals that can be champions of change.  With a few key users to promote usability, as well as the benefits others will follow suit.
  2. Keep Logistics Simple:  When determining how rounds will be completed it is important to keep the flow of the hospital in mind.  Plan rounds around the daily activities of nurses so that little time is lost skipping from floor to floor rather than moving from room to room.  Communication is important as well, so inform individuals of discharges and known changes in advance so there are no delays in the rounding process.
  3. Ask the Right Questions:  To get the best results questions should be phrased specifically and appropriately to avoid vague responses.  Open-ended questions can be challenging, as the data can be difficult to quantify and analyze.  Use drop-downs when possible but allow for comments.  This strategy provides the best in quantifiable data with detailed information.
  4. Monitor Time Management:  Rounding is obviously not the only responsibility nurses, facilities, other team members so keep this i mind when planning rounds.  Schedule rounds to be completed during off-peak hours or when staffing is at the appropriate levels so there is o drain on an individual's workload.  
  5. Engage in Automation:  Make it easy for your team.  Pen and paper takes twice as long and the data often gets lost and is unreliable.  Invest in automated Rounding Solution that allows for ease of response, the ability to save when interrupted, and tracks completion.  By investing in a solution to help your team, they are more likely to adopt and engage.  

Following these steps will certainly help to increase the likelihood of your organizations success.  For more on SentactRounding, click here

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