20 Dec 2018

5 Benefits of a Comprehensive Rounding Solution

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Mark Hudson, Director Client Success

In today's healthcare environment, it's a given that individual departments in a hospital or healthcare network understand the value of rounding and are likely completing rounds and performing rounding independently.  Often times, organizations find themselves using a variety of different solutions or are still using a manual / paper process, making for disjointed and siloed efforts.  This means rounds are occurring in a vacuum and without regard for the larger pictures of process, performance and outcomes.  By implementing a comprehensive rounding solution, an organization will bring together all those disparate functions and efforts into one application gaining efficiencies, standardization, and one repository for data. 

Why should your organization implement a comprehensive rounding solution?  Here are 5 benefits of such an initiative: 

  • Reporting:  The data acquired while rounding in a single department is valuable but imagine if you had data across all areas of the hospital.  By rolling up all data, management has better reporting capabilities and get a better picture of hospital's effectiveness, real-time insight into areas that need improvement, and can even make better management decisions on people and process. 
  • Transparency:  Using a consistent approach across all departments, team members, employees, and caregivers are able to contribute to a common goal.  With the results of a comprehensive rounding solution, Hospital Administration can communicate the intent, results, programs, and decisions creating transparency across the organization.  Teams understand their contribution to something greater and adoption of and value of rounding continues to increase. 
  • Increase in Patient Satisfaction:  Patient Satisfaction is not just a final survey at discharge.  Patient Satisfaction is impacted by all departments throughout a patient's entire stay from Food & Nutrition, to Clinical Care, to Environmental Services.  By implementing a comprehensive rounding solution, hospitals now have more complete and thorough data for a more accurate patient satisfaction score. 
  • Continual Process Improvement:  A comprehensive rounding tool will not only discover areas that need to be corrected but also help for larger and more thorough process improvement initiatives to be created.  By creating global process improvement initiatives, a great impact is felt across the organization. 
  • A Culture of Safety:  The corrections that come out of independent rounds are important but occur on a much smaller scale and only impact a small area.  A true culture of safety comes about when you focus on the entire organization not just one small department.  

Rounding programs are always valuable regardless of size and scale.  However, it is important to grow these rounding programs across the continuum and connect them for a complete picture of how your hospital is truly performing. 

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