14 Aug 2019

Overcome Data Challenges to Deliver Better Patient Experience

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Rounding processes offer many benefits, from increasing patient safety and patient satisfaction scores, to improving Life Safety and patient experience. However, managers often overlook the[…]

10 Jul 2019

What Patient Experience Tool is Right For You?

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Since the early 2000's, patient centered care, patient satisfaction, and the patient experience have become a major focus for healthcare.  Hospitals and healthcare networks have adopted and[…]

13 Jun 2019

Best Practices for ICare Rounding

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Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, & Excellence are core values adopted by healthcare organizations.  Employees are expected to adopt and embrace these core values as they engage with[…]

17 May 2019

Improve Patient Safety with Weekly Safety Checks

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Weekly Safety Checks demonstrate an organization's commitment to safety.  Weekly safety checks can be easily completed using a weekly rounding process. 

29 Apr 2019

Avoiding the Top 5 Pitfalls of Rounding

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Implementing digital rounding at a healthcare facility comes with a number of obstacles and challenges.  So many in fact, that success can seem unobtainable.  When it comes to implementing a[…]

17 Apr 2019

The Role of Analytics in the Rounding Process

roundingbestpractices, rounding analytics

Gathering the data is just part of the rounding process.  There are several other important steps such as content creation and reporting.  The focus of this blog is on the Role of Analytics in the[…]

14 Feb 2019

Purposeful Rounding Increases HCAHPS

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Rounding is a critical function in a healthcare environment and it occurs across multiple departments and impacts multiple disciplines.  To increase the number of satisfied patients and improve[…]

30 Jan 2019

Understanding and Using the Data Gathered During Rounds

roundingbestpractices, HCAHPS, rounding analytics

Rounding processes offer many benefits, from increasing patient safety and patient satisfaction scores, to improving Life Safety and Environment of Care Rounds.  However, managers often overlook[…]

16 Jan 2019

3 Signs You Need a Rounding Solution

nurserounds, patientexperiencerounds, patientsafetyrounds, patient satisfaction, comprehensive rounding

Rounding is critical to a successful healthcare organization for so many reasons.  From patient satisfaction to life safety, rounds are an integral part of hospital operations and yet, many[…]

20 Dec 2018

5 Benefits of a Comprehensive Rounding Solution

roundingbestpractices, comprehensive rounding

In today's healthcare environment, it's a given that individual departments in a hospital or healthcare network understand the value of rounding and are likely completing rounds and performing[…]