27 Sep 2017

Tips for a Successful & Productive Rounding Team

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M. Lynn ODonnell - Vice President of Strategic Marketing

The success of a rounding initiative is impacted by so many factors but one critical element is your team.  Without effective team members, adoption doesn't occur, rounds don't get complete, and the initiative never succeeds.

Sentact has implemented rounding solutions at over 450 facilities and can offer some best practices to help ensure your team and your initiative are successful.

  1. Gain Buy-In:  Team members perceive new projects as additional work, unnecessary, and often they are unreceptive to change.  The best way to overcome this issue is to find individuals that can be champions of change.  With a few key users to promote usability, as well as benefits others will follow suit.
  2. Engage in Automation:  Give your team the tools they need to be successful.  Invest in an automated solution to help your organization with the performance and logistics of rounds.  By investing in your team, they will invest in you.
  3. Awareness of Schedules:  Don't schedule rounds in a vacuum.  Be aware of the other priorities of the nurses, facilities, and other team members. Schedule rounds to be completed during off-peak hours or when staffing is at the appropriate levels so there is no drain on one individual's workload.
  4. Promote Teamwork:  If you don't have a team in place, create one.  Select members from different disciplines and levels of the organization to get greater adoption.  As a part of this team, assign a leader.  Not only is this person responsible for compliance but is also the go-to-point in charge of data when your organization has an audit.  Having a subject matter expert ensures the most seamless audit.

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