17 Apr 2019

The Role of Analytics in the Rounding Process

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Gathering the data is just part of the rounding process.  There are several other important steps such as content creation and reporting.  The focus of this blog is on the Role of Analytics in the[…]

30 Jan 2019

Understanding and Using the Data Gathered During Rounds

roundingbestpractices, HCAHPS, rounding analytics

Rounding processes offer many benefits, from increasing patient safety and patient satisfaction scores, to improving Life Safety and Environment of Care Rounds.  However, managers often overlook[…]

31 Jul 2017

Are Your Process Improvement Tools Telling You the Entire Picture

roundingbestpractices, rounding analytics

Process Improvement is defined as the continuous and proactive effort of identifying, analyzing, and improving existing processes to meet new goals or standards of quality that drive positive[…]