22 Feb 2018

Positively Impact Safety with Rounding

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While weekly safety rounds demonstrate an organization’s commitment to safety, leadership walk rounds are an opportunity to further reinforce that promise by bringing managers and leaders out of[…]

13 Dec 2017

Make Safety Monitoring Part of Your Rounding Initiative

patientsafetyrounds, infectionprevention

Hospitals assess patient safety through many different metrics that include compliance with both regulatory and national patient safety goals.

28 Sep 2017

5 Reasons to Move from Paper to a Digital Rounding Solution

HCAHPS, infectionprevention, patientsafetyrounds, patientexperiencerounds

Even in this digital world, many organizations are still using paper to complete rounds. Whether it’s EOC, Life Safety, Patient Safety, or Patient Experience, rounding on paper is risky since it[…]

30 Aug 2017

5 Reasons Why It's Important to Standardize the Rounding Process

patientexperiencerounds, roundingbestpractices, patientsafetyrounds

It has been proven that rounding is critical to the success of a healthcare organization.  From patient satisfaction to life safety, rounds are an integral part of hospital operations, yet many[…]