28 Jun 2018

Improving Patient Satisfaction Through Your Virtual Service Center

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Every department, every employee within a healthcare organization has an impact on patient satisfaction.  One of the groups that have an enormous impact on patient satisfaction is your Support[…]

19 Apr 2018

Improving Communication between Caregivers and Patients

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According to regulatory agencies, communication failure between doctors, nurses, and patients is the leading cause of medical and medication errors.  Errors impact not only patient safety and[…]

11 Jan 2018

Drive Positive Experience with Rounding

rounding, patientexperiencerounds, patient satisfaction

Each type of round drives patient experience in its own way.  But it is hard to tell specifically which round has the most impact.  The reason why:  all rounds, when done properly, greatly impact[…]

13 Oct 2017

Improve Patient and Employee Satisfaction with Rounding

HCAHPS, patientexperiencerounds, rounding

Rounding programs that focus on both employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction engage individuals in conversations that otherwise may not have occurred.  These conversations provide the[…]

12 Oct 2017

The Importance of Rounds in Discharge Planning

nurserounds, patient satisfaction, patientexperiencerounds, roundingbestpractices, rounding

Using rounds for Discharge Planning helps hospitals and healthcare networks avoid that last minute scrambling that often occurs when trying to coordinate patient care.  To ensure the most successful[…]

28 Sep 2017

5 Reasons to Move from Paper to a Digital Rounding Solution

HCAHPS, infectionprevention, patientsafetyrounds, patientexperiencerounds

Even in this digital world, many organizations are still using paper to complete rounds. Whether it’s EOC, Life Safety, Patient Safety, or Patient Experience, rounding on paper is risky since it[…]

30 Aug 2017

5 Reasons Why It's Important to Standardize the Rounding Process

patientexperiencerounds, roundingbestpractices, patientsafetyrounds

It has been proven that rounding is critical to the success of a healthcare organization.  From patient satisfaction to life safety, rounds are an integral part of hospital operations, yet many[…]