11 Jan 2018

Drive Positive Experience with Rounding

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Each type of round drives patient experience in its own way.  But it is hard to tell specifically which round has the most impact.  The reason why:  all rounds, when done properly, greatly impact[…]

01 Dec 2017

How Communication & Technology Can Improve Overall Patient Experience

HCAHPS, nurserounds, patient satisfaction

One of the most difficult components of an effective rounding program is getting buy-in from the staff that will be out on the floor performing the rounds.  Nurse managers have many fires to put[…]

12 Oct 2017

The Importance of Rounds in Discharge Planning

nurserounds, patient satisfaction, patientexperiencerounds, roundingbestpractices, rounding

Using rounds for Discharge Planning helps hospitals and healthcare networks avoid that last minute scrambling that often occurs when trying to coordinate patient care.  To ensure the most successful[…]