11 Jan 2018

Drive Positive Experience with Rounding

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M. Lynn ODonnell - Vice President of Strategic Marketing

Each type of round drives patient experience in its own way.  But it is hard to tell specifically which round has the most impact.  The reason why:  all rounds, when done properly, greatly impact the patient experience positively. Here are 5 rounds that our customers have found positively impact the patient experience:

  • Purposeful Rounds: As nurses round hourly on the 4P’s (pain, position, potty, possessions), they have an insight into the desires and expectations of the patient translating to a most positive experience.
  • Leadership Rounds: Leaders that actively participate in rounds demonstrate their concern and compassion for the patients.  Leaders who focus on these rounds also demonstrate a management by wandering around approach which motivates team members and improves communication.  This easily translates to the caregiver team and is reflected with a positive patient experience.
  • Patient Discharge Rounds: When a patient can provide feedback on their care along with any other issues indicates that the hospital has a desire to maintain a patient’s well-being. It also allows for changes to be made to enhance the patient experience.
  • Safety & Quality Rounds: Even quality rounds impact the overall patient experience, as a focus on patient safety is critical.  A safe patient is a happy patient.
  • EVS & Food / Nutrition Rounds: Patients will not have a positive experience if the overall environment is not a welcoming atmosphere.  It makes sense, that ensuring hallways are clean, floors are organized, and the food is tasty improves the patient experience.

We recommend creating a baseline when rounds are first implemented, implementing process improvement when deficiencies are discovered, and focusing on all aspects of the patient leads to the greatest positive impact on the patient experience.

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