31 Jul 2017

Are Your Process Improvement Tools Telling You the Entire Picture

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Christopher Dube, President

Process Improvement is defined as the continuous and proactive effort of identifying, analyzing, and improving existing processes to meet new goals or standards of quality that drive positive outcomes. For a healthcare organization, positive outcomes are measured in terms of enhancement of patient safety, and satisfaction, increased compliance, reimbursements, and employee satisfaction. Are your tools providing the right insights and outcomes and did you know that rounding plays an important part in process improvement in a healthcare organization?

So, are your tools or is your rounding solution giving you the full picture?

Ensure that your tool:

Offers a Closed Loop Process
Once a deficiency, issue, or complaint is identified, it needs to be addressed and corrected so that it does not continue to be repeated and discovered as a part of each completed round. Select a Rounding application that allows for deficiencies to be identified, assigned, and tracked in real-time. With an automated workflow engine, an organization can optimize their resources, increase efficiency, and close the loop ensuring issues are corrected and a cycle of continuous improvement is implemented and adopted.

Can Personalize Rounds to Specific Workflows
Not all solutions offer the ability to personalize rounding questions, templates, and processes to your organization’s needs and workflow. Personalization can be standardization as well, meaning questions are designed to your workflow but offer consistent collection of data. A robust rounding solution will offer healthcare organizations standardized templates and questions that can be designed to your business needs. With processes in place it is easier to define and follow improvement strategies.

Provides for Robust Reporting & Analytics
A truly robust solution will offer a full intelligence Platform including standard reports, dashboards, as well as the ability to create reports custom to your organization. Robust analytics will help identify and define process improvements in deficient areas that will yield the greatest impact, and thereby drive positive outcomes.

If your organization struggles with process improvement tools, it may be time to replace your rounding solution to more accurately assess processes and provide objective and actionable data.

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